Offshore Fishing Charter

offshore fishing charter
Matt Francis with a Thresher Shark

Shark Fishing is by far our favorite type of offshore fishing charter, especially for clients who have only caught fresh water fish. The day starts around 0500 as we head out of Narragansett Bay and head to the cooler waters off of either Nantucket or Block Island.

Rhode Island is located perfectly to allow access to some of the best offshore fishing grounds in the Northeast. From Block Island to Martha’s Vineyard, we can get there in about one hour and we know where the best spots are. We will be fishing 15 to 25 miles offshore, we fish for Sharks and Bluefin Tuna. A bit further offshore, we will find more sharks, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna and mahi mahi.  

 If you are looking to experience a day of shark fishing and want to put your muscles to the test, give us a call to book your offshore fishing charter today

Our Offshore charters are a minimum 10 hour day and could be longer if we are fighting a giant shark ! The creature comforts onboard the ArchAngel make the ride out to the offshore grounds relaxing. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the ocean and ride in comfort.

Types of sharks

A full retention ban on shortfin mako sharks in the North Atlantic — meaning fishers will not be allowed to land the sharks, even those caught accidentally — will take effect in 2022 and extend into 2023.Shortfin mako sharks are one of the fastest creatures in the ocean, with reported speeds of up to 74 kilometers per hour (45 miles per hour). But they’re also very slow to grow and mature: males are unable to reproduce until they are 9 years old and females 19 years old. They also have a three-year reproductive cycle and a gestation period of 18 months. This slow breeding cycle has made them “exceptionally vulnerable” to overfishing,