Block Island

Block Island is a ten square mile island located sits 16 miles southwest of Newport Rhode Island. But over the past seven or eight years, fishing for huge trophy bass has exploded. It not uncommon to catch multiple bass over 30 lbs.

Block Island has earned its reputation as a  striper-fishing destination many years ago. The waters draw plenty of charter boats and recreational fishermen, who troll, jig and drift for stripers using live eels. At the height of the season, it’s not unusual to see a hundred boats near Southwest Ledge at one time. Once the sun goes down, however, most of the boats head back to port. And under the cover of darkness though, some truly huge stripers move in to feed around the rocky shores. Small striped bass show up in early to mid-May, and the large “cow” stripers show up around the new moon of June all the way through September.

My favorite time to fish Block Island is in the dark of night or early morning. But there is more to this night fishing then just throwing off the lines and heading to Block. You need to do your research on tides and weather before you leave. I like to plan to leave the dock ( Portsmouth RI) 2 hours before the slack tide at Southwest Ledge. Lots of other Captains go by Range of tide, I personally like to use the actual stage of the current. 

 Eels are the only live bait we use for a night trip to Block Island.. Eels have a lot going for them besides their propensity for catching stripers and the yellow eye devils !  We also use allot of different types of top water plugs when the bass are feeding on top. We take pride is using Crafty One Customs fishing rods that are designed to be a ” light tackle” to make the fishing even more enjoyable.

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Block Island Striper Fishing
Block Island has always been the striped bass destination, with plenty of respectable fish like this one.
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