In late May and the month of June, the Bay is a great place to fish for Striped Bass. The small Striped Bass move into Narragansett Bay to feast on herring, squid, and bunker. Larger bass follow later in the month. The biggest bass—some weighing 40 pounds—feed primarily on herring, menhaden, and squid, while the smaller fish target smaller baitfish, inside the rivers. In July and August, that’s when you start to see more fishing activity south of Aquidneck Island around Newport, off Narragansett all around Block Island.”

Striper fishing remains solid well through June into late September off Newport, especially if there are schools of bunker inside the bay. During summer and early fall, dependable action can often be found in the cooler water around the mouth of the bay. I like fishing spots like Beavertail Point, Brenton Reef, and Sakonnet Point, success often depends on fishing live baits or trolling with lead core line.

Frank and Higgy with a nice pair of striped bass off Newport RI
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